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iconAbout Us

JCEconomics.com is a leading Integrated Programme and Junior College Economics tuition provider and is the preferred choice of many parents and students alike. We make a difference by helping students to achieve their maximum potential in Economics.

JCEconomics.com is a well-known Economics tuition centre in Singapore that focuses wholly on providing quality 'A' level Economics tuition for Junior College (JC) and Integrated Programme (IP) students. The principal tutor, Mr Anthony Fok, is an experienced Economics lecturer who was featured on The Sunday Times newspapers as one of the five "most sought-after Super Tutors" in Singapore. Quoting from the Sunday Times newspapers, "As he is well known for his ability to deliver results, parents try all means to put their children in his class". Over the years, many students have experienced remarkable improvement in their Economics and have attributed their success to the brilliant coaching of Mr Anthony Fok.


  • achelor of Accountancy (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).
  • Masters of Education from Monash University, Australia.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore.
  • Currently pursuing Doctor in Education. 
  • Former Ministry of Education (MOE) school teacher.

Awards and Accolades

    • Featured on 'The sunday Times' newspapers as one of  he five "most sought-after super tutors" in Singapore.
    • Featured on 'The Friday Weekly' Chinese newspapers as inspirational and dedicated teacher.
    • Featured on 'The Sunday Times' newspapers as an "Economics tutor who puts theory into practice".
    • Featured on 'TODAY' newspapers for views on "staying ahead of the academic race".
    • Featured on 'Singapore Business Review' magazine as a "top tutor who brings economics theories to life". 
    • Featured on 'Today's Parents' magazine for "educating the new generation using unique teaching methodology".
    • Featured on "Domain of Experts" premier tuition platform which names seasoned tutors hailing from prestigious top schools.
    • Fellow of The College of Teachers, Institute of Education, London, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to educational literature or to educational management at a senior level.


    • Author of GCE 'A' Level Economics H1 and H2 Ten-Year-Series under license from University of Cambridge local Examinations Syndicate
    • Author of several GCE 'A' Level Economics Guidebooks sold in Singapore.

Professional Memberships

    • Member of the Economic Society of Singapore.

    • Member of the American Economic Association and Economic Society of Australia.

    • Member of Association of Supervision and curriculum Development (Singapore).

    • Member of Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE).

    • Member of Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS).

  • The Centre

    JCEconomics.com is a premier Economics education centre that focuses exclusively on Economics tuition for A-level students. It was founded by Mr Anthony, an ex-MOE school teacher with several years of teaching experience. Mr Anthony was featured on The Sunday Times newspapers.

    JC Economics.com offers distinctive Economics programmes which have helped numerous students.

  • The Facilities

    All the classrooms are fully air-conditioned to provide a comfortable environment to enhance our students learning experience. Each classroom is also equipped with laptops, visualizers and projectors to support effective teaching and learning.

    Students also have access to a library collection of Economics textbooks and useful resource materials.

  • R.E.A.D Methodology

    • Real world application of Economics concepts, with special focus on the Singapore Economy.
    • Examination techniques and proven tips for students to score 'A' in their A level Economics examination.
    • Available for 'after tuition hours' consultation via WhatsApp and email.
    • Database of JC Economics resources compiled from the year 2001 till date.